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What Doing A Parasite Cleanse Taught Me

In August 2018 I began working with my holistic health coach Jason in yet another attempt to find a solution to healing my chronic illness (for those that don’t know I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in September 2009/2010). Over the years I have tried my best to have the mindset that even though doctors say there is no cure for this disease, I wanted to prove them wrong. This attitude got me through the first 5-6 years after being diagnosed and having surgery. Over the following years (and now that I’ve had lots of time to reflect on my journey) I can see how there were life circumstances as well as my own emotional issues that slowly chipped away at this positive mindset, until I subconsciously didn’t even think it was true anymore.

Flash forward to 2018, this was one of the most challenging years since I had the diagnosis and an that emergency surgery almost 10 years ago. Everything from personal, professional, emotional, and even my soul felt like it had gone through the washing machine... On the highest spin cycle... In the hottest water... OYIE. It was in the summer that, due to circumstances at my job (I say this with the most sincere gratitude for without this I don’t think I would have come to this realization), I hit my breaking point. I’m talking, crying my eyes out in my manager’s office, acknowledging that I’ve been a less than ideal leader for my team, stepping down from my management role and taking a pay cut. And in all things divine, this breakdown led to my breakthrough.

But I digress; you’re here to read about what I learned while doing a parasite cleanse. Let me start by saying that Jason (my coach) specializes in helping people with chronic diseases such as crohns, colitis, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes etc. He has seen so many ill people and has identified a pattern in those with crohns/colitis that there are typically underlying fungal and parasitic infections! When we started working together and identified my underlying issues, the goal was to:

1. Heal my body (duh)

2. Work up to a parasite cleanse

This first thing I learned from doing a parasite cleanse was:

1. Everyone has parasites and fungus; its when the body is in a low vibe/energetic frequency for a long period of time that these bugs can become an issue. You see parasites are part of nature and life

2. Parasites are necessary in the cycle of life. They are the decomposers, they breakdown dead and decaying matter that we no longer need.

3. It takes a lot more than “just doing a cleanse” to truly rid yourself of parasites. You must also work on your emotional/spiritual healing and energy body as well as your physical body.

4. You are probably (super very likely) going to feel like you want to die and/or quit during the actual cleansing. You wont die and you shouldn’t quit.

5. Parasites can also hold an emotional or energetic meaning. Parasites feed off other organisms, I had a hard look at my life and evaluated where I was letting other people or circumstances stuck my energy and leave me feeling drained. This was a big one for me.


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